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In constant balance

What children learn does not happen as an automatic result of what is taught. Rather, it is largely due to children's actions as a result of their activities and our resources.

Loris Magaluzzi

Our Project was born from our tribu-values and from the children.

  • Environments and spaces: Third educator. Lively, active, beautiful, prepared.
  • Family: Coexistence, communication, active relationship.
  • Accompanying persons: In continuous training, different specialities. Example.
  • Materials and proposals: Holistic, themed, innovative, creative, amazing.
  • Areas of work: Language, mathematics, art, culture and music... Multiple intelligences.
  • Methodology: Active, respectful, combined, creative, open and flexible, innovative. Holistic approach.
  • Evaluation: Observation, documentation and interpretation. Self-assessment.
  • Reggio Emilia inspiration: Open to different active pedagogies.

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  • Active
  • Respectful
  • Open to different pedagogies and approaches
  • Creative
  • Open and flexible
  • Innovative
  • Holistic approach
  • Reggio Emilia inspiration

Everything is interrelated and feeds on each other, i.e., for example, when we develop an environment or space within our facilities, it complies with and is governed by the values that define the Project, which in turn must be appropriate in order to implement the methodology... and so on and so forth.