Who are we?
The word comes from Latin 'tribus'.


A tribe originally refers to a group where members share:

"Certain beliefs, which allow the socialisation and perpetuation of certain values over time through transmission".

We're an active and respectulf pre-school covering the infant (3-6) and primary (6-12) stages.

A project created for whom feels identify with our beliefs (nothing related to religion or politics parties), we mean believing in capital letters:

  • Believes in children without judgement, without any buts, in their full potential. This is our first, fundamental belief.
  • Believe in respect.
  • Believe in love.
  • Believe by example.
  • Belief in beauty and harmony.
  • Believe in family in all its possible forms.
  • Believing in the power of emotions.
  • Believing in the future, which is undoubtedly the children.
  • Belief in evolution, science, continuous learning, knowledge.
  • Believe in the effort.

And what happens when we truly believe in something? Well, you fight for it, you want to share it, you transmit it. So this is mainly what our project is about and this is what we are, sharing these beliefs with the families who trust us, socialising with other equals, never stopping to learn and adapt to different realities.